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The Tampa MSA Quarterly Report is the highest level overview of the Tampa MSA marketplace that we provide. As a Subscriber you will gain access to a wide variety of performance metrics such as Interest Rates, Employment, Building Permits, New Home Sales (County level and Submarket Level), and Bulk Lot Sales. The Tampa MSA Quarterly Report was designed for C-Level Executives who need a broader look at the new home sales market.

The Tampa MSA Quarterly Report has been filtered to provide you with everything you need to know about individual market drivers – on a quarter-over-quarter basis enabling you to see market trends. Key metrics such as new home sales are provided in data tables so you can quickly and easily export the data to fit your specific business needs. Correlations and Trends such as the impact of new employment on building permits is presented in graphs so you can see easily see the impact one market factor has on the other.

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We will walk you through each report feature, and demonstrate the accuracy of our data based on your specific needs. We will also show you how to create custom reports using the filters and map-based tools before purchasing. How cool is that?

Learn More: How to Use the Tampa MSA Quarterly Report

The Tampa MSA Quarterly Report is different from our other reports simply because it is not interactive. All the data you need has already been formatted and laid out across a number of different pages based on the category of data (e.g. interest rates, employment, home sales, etc.). To get started using the Quarterly Report, all you need to know is how to toggle between the pages of the report.

As the image on the right shows, there are page tabs across the top of the report. Simply click on each page to go directly to that section of the report. The data inside the report can also be exported as a PDF and individual tables can be exported as images (PNG) files. To learn more about how to print the Tampa MSA Quarterly Report – see the detailed instructions located directly below the report.

Demo: Try the Tampa MSA Quarterly Report Before You Subscribe!

Learn More: How to Download as a Custom PDF Report

You can save the entire report or pages of the report. Start by clicking the “Download” button on the lower right hand side of the report. For best results, select the “Landscape” view. Next if you only want to save the dashboard you are currently viewing, select “This Dashboard.” Note you will only get a 1-page PDF of what you are seeing on the screen. Then click the green download button.

To save the entire report as a PDF file, select the “Landscape” view. Next select “Sheets in Workbook.” Note you will see all the dashboards that are to be printed appear in a row. Then click the green download button.  Once the PDF has been generated. You will receive a final “Download” prompt. Click on the green download button to save the PDF file to your computer. The PDF will save to the default directory set on your computer. For Google Chrome user, the file will appear at the bottom of your browser screen once downloaded. For Mac users, the PDF will be saved to your “Download” folder.

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