About Landmark Reports

The primary mission of Landmark Reports is to provide micro-view analytics of active selling submarkets within a primary MSA.  We understand Real Estate professionals absolutely must have timely, accurate market data, and we’re driven to provide it without a huge monthly cost.

Landmark Reports is a real estate database and reporting system based upon a primary MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area). Landmark Reports not only provides listing data throughout the MSA from major brokerage firms, but identifies the most active residential markets in the greater MSA providing a top to bottom analysis. Market professionals understand that commercial office, retail, and industrial growth is generally fueled by residential growth.

Our reports identify all aspects of land development: active selling communities, proposed communities, and vacant future land tracts. We also identify various property types: commercial, industrial, and residential in order to paint a more accurate picture. Each reports provides a broad brushstroke view of pertinent data such as building permits and employment demographics important to gauge the overall health of a MSA. This is followed by a more detailed analysis including recent bulk lot and land sales, typical lot sizes, sale price points, monthly sales velocity, and remaining VDL (vacant developed lot) inventory.

In order for you the real estate professional to complete your tasks we provide an easy to use mapping system, which provides the identification of larger land tracts, identification of the smaller individual parcels, and push pins with embedded text. Each submarket reports tables prewritten which include current active selling and soon to be selling information, recent bulk sales, and recent land sales. Each table is easily exportable into excel or csv allowing you the user to easily manipulate data. All data is updated monthly from the various property appraiser’s office, clerks office, or through personal confirmation. Landmark Reports has an extensive internal database of over 16,000 lot/home package sales and vacant developed lot to easily create custom reports for our users.

Finally, Landmark Reports offers the most exciting and unique ability ever offered to professional such as yourself. Our Forum allows you the ability to reach across the aisle to other professionals and communicate in a forum manner. This allows you the ability to customize your site and create groups of likeminded professionals and make queries instantly. Searching for price points on commercial land in a submarket of the MSA. Simply ask your community. Looking for residential land. Simply ask your community. Want to reach out to an insurance company. Reach out to your community.

Landmark Reports is a unique low cost tool which provides a bevy of features including but not limited to current sales, current listings, in depth analysis of residential communities, and peer to peer communication.

Veteran Owned

Landmark Reports was founded by two former Navy Rescue Swimmers. They were deployed together in the Persian Gulf in the early 1990’s and have had a strongly bonded friendship ever since.

As former military members, both Founders understand the importance of assisting fellow Veterans and are working to create ways to leverage this business venture to help raise money for Veterans.